Leading the direction for women in transport

With a passion for transport and the industries she works with, Hitech Asia Pacific Business Improvement Manager Nicole Popple is an example of the growing number of Australian women succeeding in transport.

Nicole had qualifications in fashion when she commenced temporary work with GE Healthcare in 1995. After a decade with the organisation, she was offered a role with Hitech Asia Pacific.

Now approaching 10 years with the company, Nicole holds a leading role in furthering Hitech Asia Pacific’s growth.

Nicole is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to national and international clients, while effectively coordinating Hitech Asia Pacific's operations and team.

With the knowledge her work is assisting in saving lives through the transportation of valuable medical equipment to hospitals including MRI and CT scanners, Nicole’s job is nothing short of rewarding.

Nicole has strong aspirations to continue grow professionally within Hitech Asia Pacific, while encouraging more women to consider the opportunities available within the transport industry.

News from out West

Western Australia’s (WA) economic growth over the past decade has presented unique opportunities for businesses across the state – including Hitech Asia Pacific.

Even as the resources sector plateaus and the state looks at economic growth opportunities outside mining, the WA arm of Hitech Asia Pacific continues to experience year-on-year growth.

The secret to our longevity is finding a niche gap in the marketplace prompting the business to be entirely focused on highly sensitive, valuable freight rather than shifting bulk commodities.

For a transport company we are in the unique position where we can plan our deliveries strategically and work around our customers’ time frames.

The WA team of project managers and drivers are employed to coordinate the jobs on the ground and scope the specialised nature of our deliveries in Perth and across the state.

As the WA population continues to grow, government and corporations will have to maintain investment in services and there will be an ongoing requirement for the replacement of old machinery and installation of new, innovative technology. These deliveries present obstacles around size, location and value – and they are rarely straightforward.

Medical equipment such as MRIs and CT Scanners, airport screening devices and IT data infrastructure don’t come packaged in small brown paper packages – they’re multi-million dollar machinery with heavy weights and awkward dimensions. In many instances walls need to be removed, traffic management planned, scaffolding and cranes supplied.

Examples of recent undertakings include the planning, coordination, delivery and installation of a 1,000kg blood analyser to Red Cross Perth, which had to be lifted and installed on the second floor using a 25 tonne franna crane and purpose built cage.

Once the cage was positioned and aligned with the second floor, two harnessed Hitech Asia Pacific team members strapped the cage to the building wall before moving the machine into place.

Unlike a commodity freight business, where customers are given a ‘window’ for their delivery time, much of our work is undertaken after normal business hours to minimise risk, avoid clients’ own customers and ensure deliveries are made efficiently and without disrupting neighbouring streets and businesses. The Perth delivery had the added complication that it needed to be completed within a specified time period due to climate control being a critical factor within the premises.

Similar logistical challenges were presented with the delivery of two 4.5 tonne MRI systems required at a Perth radiological clinic. Our team scoped the project, which involved the coordination of a 130 tonne crane to lift the MRI systems across a multi-storey car park. The equipment was installed after being wheeled through a hole in the facility’s wall, organised with a team of builders.

This year alone, we have made a number of deliveries of MRI systems and other lifesaving equipment to Perth’s brand new Fiona Stanley Hospital.

The WA team can be contact on 08 9454 6755 or emailed at perth@hitechasiapacific.com.au


Latest News

Yusen Logistics (Australia) is pleased to announce a 3 year agreement that became official from 1 July 2017 with Evolt Pty Ltd .

Evolt Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of emergency lighting products including Exit Signs, Emergency Luminaries, inverters and monitoring devices. Evolt has the following brands within its umbrella company - Ektor, Atom, Lutec, Zencontrol.


Yusen Logistics Aquires Hitech Asia Pacific Business To Enhance Supply Chain Offerings

Yusen Logistics (Australia) Pty Ltd acquired the the Hitech Asia Pacific brand businesses from the Hitech Express Group on 1 March 2016. 


Hitech Asia Pacific drives business from the road

Australia’s premier sensitive logistics provider Hitech Asia Pacific has invested $150,000 to maintain business on the road, from the truck cabin and on the job, streamlining customer deliveries.

Hitech Asia Pacific, Australia’s number one coordinator of the transportation and installation of sensitive medical, printing and IT infrastructure has introduced a customised android platform that allows the business’ team of project managers and drivers to manage projects on the go. 


Hitech Asia Pacific secures national award nominations

Niche specialist transport company Hitech Asia Pacific (Hitech) has showcased its unique offering in sensitive transport to secure three finalist positions in prestigious Australian industry awards.

Award organisers have confirmed Hitech has been nominated as a finalist for both the Australian Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport’s (CILTA) Excellence in Moving Freight award and the Supply Chain and Logistics Association (SCLAA’s) Supply Chain Management award.


Australia’s Hitech Asia Pacific receives international stamp of approval  

Hitech Asia Pacific is the first Australian sensitive logistics company to receive the world’s leading management system standard ISO 9001 for all processes, comprehensively covering the markets and industries it services.

Recognised in over 170 countries, ISO 9001 accreditation assesses companies on principles including customer focus, leadership, systems, professional development and relationships.


Precious Ballarat medical delivery successational team

A two-tonne CT Scanner, measuring almost three metres long and two metres high has been meticulously delivered at Eureka Medical and Dental Centre.

Hitech Asia Pacific, Australia’s number one coordinator of the transportation and installation of sensitive medical, printing and IT infrastructure, received the CT Scanner at its Tullamarine facility.


Transport and logistics heavyweight injects medical expertise into national team

Australia’s premier sensitive logistics provider Hitech Asia Pacific has bolstered its team of expert project managers with the appointment of former GE Healthcare operations leader.

Hitech Asia Pacific, Australia’s number one coordinator of the transportation and installation of sensitive medical, printing and IT infrastructure, has inducted Karlton Dsylva within its team to bring unique insight into the specialist equipment passing through the business’s nationwide facilities.


Fleet Upgrade

We are currently in the process of upgrading our fleet of trucks and vans.

Fleet Upgrade

By keeping a clean and modern fleet of vehicles, we believe that we will not only take advantage of the latest technology available, but also ensure that we display a first-class image for your business.

Fleet Upgrade

We understand that our frontline employees also become your frontline employees when picking up and delivering your product. This gives us the opportunity to display an image of premium quality and furthermore improve the perceived value of service being delivered to your customer.



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